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Loss Weight Fat Burning Machine , Cavitation Ultrasound Body Sculpting Machine

Loss Weight Fat Burning Machine , Cavitation Ultrasound Body Sculpting Machine

Loss Weight Fat Burning Machine , Cavitation Ultrasound Body Sculpting Machine

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: COSYLIFE
Certification: CE,FCC,ROHS
Model Number: IB-8108C

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 100pcs
Price: negotiation
Packaging Details: Packed in carton firstly,and then reinforced with case for outer packing
Delivery Time: 10-20days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 100000pcs
Detailed Product Description
Product Name: Weight-losing Expert Dimensions: 106 × 55 × 46.5 (cm)
Output Power: 350w Power Supply: AC□110V □220V □230V □240V
Gross Weight: 29Kg Frequency: 50Hz
Model: IB-8108C Place Of Origin: China

Loss Weight Fat Burning Machine , Ultrasonic Cavitation Slimming Machine



AC□110V □220V  □230V  □240V


Main machine:  106 × 55 × 46.5 (cm)  

Blanket:       91 × 41 × 26 (cm)  


Main machine:         29kg. 

          Blanket:            6.6kg




□50Hz          □60Hz


Product functions:

This apparatus was carefully designed according to human bionics research, which combines functions of broken-fat, fat dissolved, lymphatic drainage, magnetic therapy of firm skin in one and using high-tech means to massage, do electrotherapy and pressure therapy to get significant effect.

 ☉Low frequency pulse electricity can stimulate the muscle to fremitus and shrink, which can decompose large quantity fat cell; Electric pads put on the points, which can adjust the function of inner body and restrain to come into be fat, to accelerate metabolism.
☉ Infrared ray makes a direct action on the fat structure which can release a great deal of heat energy,accelerate the circulation of blood and lymph,promote the metabolism,speed biochemistry reaction,consume AIP,make catabolism of fat cells, largely decrease the fat cells.
☉ Air bags are inflated and deflated regularly with continually changed air pressure, which can rub off, dissociate, smash the fat cells.
Beautifying Body and Skin
☉ When weak bionic electric current stimulates sensory nerve ending in epidermis, the slack skin will be exquisite and springy.

Relaxing and Promoting Immunity
☉ The circulation of blood will be accelerated and muscle will be  lessen after the micro electricity works on body.
☉ Heat energy generated by infrared ray can lessen the tensility of muscle,relax the muscle.  
Leading-in Medicine
☉ Stimulating the medicine absorption to reinforce healing effect.
Other Function
☉ Promoting curing, diminishing inflammation, keeping calm and sleeping peacefully, etc.





1. Wrinkle removal around eyes and skin lifting;

2. face slimming, wrinkle removal and skin tightening;

3. neck wrinkle removal;

4. redundant cellulites exploded;

5. redundant cellulites melted;

6. body slimming and weight reduction;

7. body shaping;

8. fatigue relieving;

9. channels and collaterals dredging;

10. Metabolism improvement and acceleration.



Operation Instruction:


Check and connect the power wire.
Turn on the power, the machine begin to work.
Connect the output port to the slimming clothes and electrode patch respectively. To make sure, the display is shown as “0”
Two method to wear the slimming clothes and electrode patches: 
Put the electrode patches to the parts, with which you are not satisfied, and put on the slimming clothes for waist, arms and legs.
Please wrap the preservative film and then put on the slimming clothes, in 30 minutes, take off the preservative film and put the electrode patch on the parts.
Press the POWER button on the control panel. 
Adjust Time: According to the working time to adjust the time on the machine of Button 10. The minimum time is one minute and the maximum is 60 minutes. Usually, the suitable time is 30 to 60 minutes.
Far Infrared 


Far Infrared Adjust


Press Button 20 and 21 to adjust the intensity of far infrared. There are eight levels. According to the request of client to press“▼” and “▲” and select a proper intensity.
Note: Because the skin nature is different for everyone, please don’t choose high intensity. To avoid burning, please wrap wet towel before put on the slimming clothes. It’s shown as the machine is working while the little red spot sparkles under the right of the Liquid Crystal Display.


 Air-pressure De-toxin Mode Adjust: 


There are three modes for air pressure: 
(1) Air pressure from limb parts to center; 
(2) Air pressure from center to limp parts; 
(3) Air pressure begins together. For each mode, there are five selections of treating time,. Press Start/Pause, it works.


Electro Stimulation


(1) Select output: To select the output, please press the Start/Pause of 12-16. This is the way to select output one by one or together with anyone you want. If 5 outputs are expected to be operated at one time, please press Button 11.

(2) Low Frequency Adjust: Please press Button 7 to adjust the intensity of the low frequency. There are 8 levels for it. Press button 8 to select the output. It can be setting one output for one time. Press Start/Pause button, it begins work. Adjust the intensity; please press button “▼” and “▲”.
(3) Wave Mode Select: Press Start/Pause, the machine begins or pauses to work. Press Manual/ Automatic to choose the suitable mode according to clients’ request. In Automatic state, the red light is twinkling. On the other hand, it is Manual, which has five modes to choose.
1>  Program one: Low Frequency to effect on fat cell and make the fat reduce from the fat cell and then achieve the result of losing weight .Be suitable for any body part.
2>  Program Two: Movement for deeply losing weight. It makes the fat move from the deep layer .Be suitable for the deep fat layer   
3>  Program three: Exercise muscle to losing weight. Be suitable for the beehive-like fat and with the excellent effect of tighten.
4>  Program four: Continuous Wave to improve the lymph circulation and reduce the fat from the fat cell .Be suitable for block of lymph circulation with the obvious effect of de-toxin.
5> Program five: Impulse Wave to release the muscle and improve the fat movement.

Basic guide for massage:

Loss Weight Fat Burning Machine , Cavitation Ultrasound Body Sculpting Machine

Loss Weight Fat Burning Machine , Cavitation Ultrasound Body Sculpting Machine


Packing list:


Item Name








Slimming cloth




Patch wire




Elastic band








φ65Electrode patch




φ95Electrode patch




Power wire














Before and after:


Loss Weight Fat Burning Machine , Cavitation Ultrasound Body Sculpting Machine          Loss Weight Fat Burning Machine , Cavitation Ultrasound Body Sculpting Machine

Loss Weight Fat Burning Machine , Cavitation Ultrasound Body Sculpting Machine



Massage the body with body-firming cosmetic (gel or oil) on the electrode patch to get the better effects. The intensity should subject to the client’s feeling. The temperature should be adjusted from lower to higher gradually. In case of the pain feeling, please check whether the electrode patch contact with the skin fully.
For the far infrared function, it should be set as 8 level first, while client feels hot, please turn the level as 5 to 6. Keep this temperature. The winter/summer changeover switch that’s located above the footplate is selected according to the season and temperature of the room.
During the whole treatment, beautician should communicate with the client, check the temperature and perspiration, and make the adjustment correspondingly.
During the treatment, please keep the machine in situation of Pause for this function if you want to stop certain treatment.
Please sterilize the slimming clothes and electrode patch with 50% alcohol after us.




The following people are prohibited from the instrument treatment

1. People with hemophilia

2. People furnished with heart pacemaker.

3. People with heart disease 

4. People with allergic skin or malignancy.

5. People with high fever

6. Pregnant Women


Important safety notice:

Please don’t disassemble the equipment or try to do some other operation, which have not been indicated in our instruction. All the repairing work should be done by our admitted professional personnel.

Please don’t assemble or operate this equipment while you are near the water or your hands are wet. Notice that don’t pour the liquid on it.

Please pull out the plug from the socket when you met such conditions as below. And keep in touch with professional maintenance Station.


1> The equipment touched liquid 

2> The equipment has abnormal smell, smoking or loud and strong noise.

3> The Cable is broken

4> The equipment is fallen down and broken

  • Please don’t put anything on the cables, don’t place the equipment at any place where someone can step on the cable.

  • Please pull out the power cable after using it for your safety

  • Don’t put anything into the equipment’s jack, otherwise it may cause fire or touch the electricity. If something enters the equipment, please don’t pick it out by yourself, contract distributor or our company immediately.

  • Please don’t put the equipment on the anything that can’t stand steadily, avoid it turns over and damage.

  • Our company has the right to modify the information in this introduction before notify! And keep the explanations right for the above.

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